4:10 Gears


Removal of stock "Green" gear

Once you slide out the yoke and cleaned up as best you can around the area you are working, you are ready to remove the speedometer sensor. Attached to the housing is the stock "green" 3.45 gear. There is one small bolt securing the housing together. No need to remove the tail housing, but do be prepared for the gush of gearbox fluid that is about to come out.

White Gear

Once you've removed the speedometer sensor and green gear, you are ready to remove the white gear. Looking through the available space between the output shaft and the seal, you can see the white gear.

Tab Removal

There is a small retaining tab that must be compressed in order to slide the white gear out. Press the top of the tab arainst the shaft and slide the gear toward the rear. I was able to secure the tab with my finger and pull it out. If it fell, it appears easy to retrieve with a small magnet. There is plenty of room in there to work.

White gear removal

I pushed the gear back toward the rear opening as much as I could with my finger and used a small screw driver to get ti past the seal. There is enough room that you should not pinch the seal.

Installation of the new "white" gear

Installation is simply reverse of the removal steps, however be sure to allign the slot for the tab before you slide it back.

Installation of the "blue" gear and speedo sensor housing

The green abd blue gears simply slide on the keyed shaft of the speedometer sensor. Make sure you clean everything prior to reinstallation. That's it! Total job completed in under 10 minutes!


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