Our 1965 Corvette Stingray


In the beginning...

Prior to the purchase of our 82 CE, we'd scoured Northern California and Nevada for old Corvettes, mainly looking at midyears and early C3s.  While we regret many of the great Corvettes we passed up during our travels, we never lost the desire to own a classic Corvette.  As the market for these Corvettes exploded around 2006, we found ourselves slipping further and further away from our goal. 

We had been seriously looking to purchase a mid-year Corvette since 2004, however wanted to make this Corvette the way we wanted it.  While my pursuit of a project mid-year started with the intention of making it into a LS-1 powered retro-rod with C4 suspension, we stumbled onto a numbers matching 1965 Corvette Stingray coupe that had been sitting since 1973.  We purchased it in 2007, enthusiastic to begin the reconstruction.  Little did I know that my free time would be redirected toward my career and my project hampered. 

Photos from June 2007

With notice of a career move outside the country, our great friends at Hill Country Corvettes in New Braunfels, Texas.  You won't find a website for them, but you'll certainly find enough articles on the web talking about their excellent restorations. 

Photos from July 2009

Photos from January 2010

Photos from October 2010

Photos from December 2010




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